Get To Know Me

Get to know Me

All About Me

My name is Kyle Coker but I go by my middle name which is Mitchell!I was born in Mineral Wells, TX and moved down to San Marcos to attend Texas State University where graduated with a bachelor's degree in Digital Media Innovations and a minor in Business. After I graduated I moved to San Antonio to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. I currently live with my Fiance Bridgette and my best friend Bo!I call Bo my best friend because well he is man’s best friend! I adopted Bo from the Austin Animal Center about two years ago! As far as the human side of the family goes I have four sisters and two brothers. The youngest of all my sibilings is going into kindergarden and the oldest is twenty-five years old! My family is very much into all kinds of sports and so am I. I played on Texas State’s Rugby team my first semester in college but decided that I needed to spend more time studying! I am so excited for what the future has in store for me as I am currently working torward my alternative certification to start my teaching career! That’s me in a nutshell and have fun exploring my website!


In my free time I like to do a number of things. I love to camp and go on hikes with Bridgette and our two dogs. If I'm not spending time with my family or Bridgette I enjoy catching up on tech news, playing video games or mountain biking.

Some of my skills


I love using Bootstrap when web designing. It allows me to put my ideas into code and then on a webpage. Bootstrap can be combined with Javascript and Custom Stylesheets to really allow for great customization. This website was built with Bootstrap. I previously did a project for a class of mine also utilizing Bootstraps capabilities. My last website was called Fantasy Night Lights. It was a website focused around Fantasy Football, thus the name is a play on Friday Night Lights! Check it out, I have not updated it in some time but everything is functioning as it should.


Wordpress is a great content managment system. It is a bit easier that Bootstrap, in my opinion, and is great for running blogs and some personal sites. Wordpress has many options and customization abilities that it is the choice of many individuals with personal webpages. I excels in ease of use by capitalizing in prebuilt templates that allow for some changes. It makes the upload of images and video very easy as well. I built a Wordpress site about an event that I covered about a year ago. The Austin Homebrew Festival was held before Christmas last year and I had the pleasure of creating a webpage summarizing the event.

Additional Skills and Resume

Social Media and Analytics

I took a social media class last semester which led to a great internship with LeadHub. Through that class ,as well as with the internship, I have learned many useful skills regarding running a social media page. While I was in the class we created social media content for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with monthly analytics reports, for the Texas State Common Experience as part of Advanced Social Media and Analytics course. We also used analytics data to help develop social strategy for client during monthly meetings. My internship with Leadhub is more focused on the design and description of a post. I have multiple clients that I make visuals and posts for while under the supervison of their Social Media Manager Kara Schilling.


Texas State University

During my time at Texas State I studied Digital Media Innovation as well as minored in Business Administraion.


I am currently working forLeadHub as a Social Media Intern. I also worked for the Texas State Common Experience as Student social media contributor.

Current Employment

I am currently working as a full time substitute at Kipp Esperanza. I have really enjoyed my time here as it has allowed me priceless insight to a modern classroom and how schools are operated.

Full Resume

This is a link to my official resume .